What an Architect can do for you

Architects are trained in the special technical and practical skills required to manage a complex building project from start to finish. In addition, their training encourages the imagination and creativity needed to make the most of a building project. As such, architecture is distinct from merely building, combining practicality and creativity with programme management and cost control.

Architects in Imagination shaper have all trained at universities or other tertiary institutions. Their training combines academic learning with practical experience for an extended period of at least seven years or more prior to legal registration as an architect.

Architects are traditionally the team leaders in the construction industry we are also on of the famous interior designer in Lucknow. Their job is to turn the Client's requirements into an economic, practical and attractive design. They need to mobilize management skills to co-ordinate specialists such as structural and services engineers, quantity surveyors, landscape and interior designers in support of the project design. It is the "design team" lead by the architect which produces the project building contract documents and which is responsible for the contract supervision.


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