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Role of the Architect

It is important to realize that by using an architect, you are engaging a highly trained expert consultant to look after your interests in your building projects. Architects, unlike many others in the construction industry, owe their allegiance only to you, the client. Any building project is a major investment in time and money for a family or a business. Having the appropriate professional advice on hand is a sensible economic decision.

Architects do far more than just design building. : Handle council approvalsProvide advice on cost optionsOrganize tendersCarry out regular inspection of construction projectsCheck on the quality of materials and workmanshipEnsure the building meets all legal requirements.In the short term they can save you time, frustration and money. In the long term they can greatly improve the value of your investment.

To get the most from your architect, approach him or her as early as possible. Your architect can provide invaluable …

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